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Let me thank you right up front for whatever you are going to write, be it fic or meta. Although you've seen the tags on my sign-up, I know that most people like more than that to go on. I hope this letter will prove helpful. All these fandoms are dear to my heart: I've listed them alphabetically.

DNW: explicit sex, on-screen death of canonical protagonists

Likes & Dislikes:

I prefer gen. However, I'm not asking you to ignore canon relationships (i.e. in the background) if you want to work them in. (Not sure that's relevant here, though.) For original characters, any romance should be subordinate to plot. No more than PG13, please.

I'm okay with violence if necessary to the story; but not gore for the sake of gore.

I enjoy stories with a sense of humour: being able to recognize the ridiculous when it pops up; also wit and wordplay. (Having said that, I totally leave it up to you whether what you write is serious or comic. I like both.)


Alderley Edge series a/k/a Tales of Alderley Series - Alan Garner:
Characters: Atlendor (Alderley Edge series), Cadellin Silverbrow (Alderley Edge series), Colin Whisterfield (Alderley Edge series), Fenodyree (Alderley Edge series), No Characters (Alderley Edge series), Original Character(s) (Alderley Edge series), Susan Whisterfield (Alderley Edge series)

Worldbuilding: elves (Alderley Edge series), Worldbuilding: dwarfs (Alderley Edge series), Worldbuilding: events after The Moon of Gomrath (Alderley Edge series), Worldbuilding: Old Magic (Alderley Edge series), Worldbuilding: the sleeping knights in Fundindelve (Alderley Edge series)

fan fiction
I'd love to know more about the culture and history of (either or both) the two main supernatural species in the series, elves and dwarfs. There are hints, especially in the first book when Fenodyree and Durathror talk together; but Garner goes frustratingly little into the background of his world.

Then, of course, there's the question of what exactly happens after the conclusion of The Moon of Gomrath. Although nominally a sequel, Boneland is so allusive as to provide the merest sketch, and leaves out most of the worldbuilding of the earlier two books. What happened from that perspective (regardless of how Colin dimly remembers it sans elves, dwarfs, and overt magic).

If you prefer to go back in time, I'd also be curious to know more about any of the following:
  • the first battle against evil that led to the knights being ensorcelled
  • the decision and means taken by the wizards to imprison the Old Magic
  • someone in the modern era encountering both Colin (as he is now) and the supernatural (in the style of the earlier books)
  • Susan's perspective on her disappearance and transformation

The Dalemark Quartet - Diana Wynne Jones:
Characters: No Characters (Dalemark Quartet), Original Character(s) (Dalemark Quartet), Tanaqui | Cennoreth (Dalemark Quartet), Duck (Dalemark Quartet)

Worldbuilding: Riverlands prehistoric era (Dalemark Quartet), Worldbuilding: the Undying (Dalemark Quartet)

fan fiction, meta
There's so much we don't know about the Undying in the Dalemark Quartet. Where do they come from? How is Undyingness inherited? What are the differences, if any, between the status of the One, the other Undying who are actually worshipped (such as Libby Beer), and those who present more as folk heroes (such as Duck, in his various guises)? DWJ gave us endnotes to The Spell-coats: it would be great to see a scholarly article, encyclopedia entry, school text (or what have you) about Dalemark religion/folklore.

Alternatively, there seem to be quite a few untold tales about the characters from The Spell-coats. I'd love a story about one of Duck's alter egos, or Tanaqui's future as Cennoreth.

Or how about a closer look at the Riverlands era? Why did the Haliglanders invade? What was life like for the other villagers pre-invasion? How did losing the River affect daily life (which it must have done in a major way)? This could be fanfic set in that era; but you could also tackle it from an archaeological perspective, either as meta or using original characters.

Forever Knight:
Characters: Nick Knight (Forever Knight), Natalie Lambert (Forever Knight), No Characters (Forever Knight)

Worldbuilding: vampire physiology

Fan fiction, meta.
Although the series often references Natalie's attempts to find an acceptable blood substitute for Nick, we don't actually see much of her research into his condition except in "The Fix". I'd love to see more of this—either a story about her research into some aspect of vampirism, or perhaps a look at her notes. Alternatively, maybe meta from a future when vampires are common knowledge, an article from the Encyclopedia Galactica or the like.

Possible topics: vision, fangs, immortality, rapid healing, the process of becoming a vampire, allergy to religious objects (or anything else that appeals).

Forever Knight:
Characters: Amanda Cohen (Forever Knight), Joe Reese (Forever Knight), Joe Stonetree (Forever Knight), Natalie Lambert (Forever Knight), Tracy Vetter (Forever Knight), Feliks Twist (Forever Knight), Javier Vachon (Forever Knight), Screed (Forever Knight)

Worldbuilding: backgrounds and backstory (Forever Knight), Worldbuilding: Vachon's crew (Forever Knight), Worldbuilding: Carouches (Forever Knight)

fan fiction
Given the focus on Nick as protagonist, secondary characters in FK tend to get short-changed. I'd like to know more about the background of the various human characters in the series: the families/careers of the police captains; Natalie's childhood and medical training; Tracy's family, decision to become a police officer, and time in uniform.

Alternatively, tell me more about Feliks Twist. A vampire who likes to garden (albeit under grow lights) sounds fascinating; but we only saw him once.

Although Season 3 did include a few flashbacks focusing on Vachon and his friends, there are centuries of their history that were never touched on. How did the "crew" get together? Why did they stick together—and why did they eventually break up shortly before "Black Buddha"? If you want, feel free to create new members of the group, or include characters who were mentioned in the Season 3 bible but never appeared on screen. If you prefer not to deal with the crew together, it's okay to focus only on the backstory of a specific member of the crew.

For Screed, in particular, I'd be interested in seeing more about carouches—how they differ from regular vampires and/or more about vampire prejudice towards them (and why).

Hellspark - Janet Kagan:
Characters: Geremy Kantyka (Hellspark), Maggy | Margaret Lord Lynn (Hellspark,) No Characters (Hellspark), Original Character(s) (Hellspark), Tinling Alfvaen (Hellspark), Tochohl Susumo (Hellspark), Buntec (Hellspark)

Worldbuilding: Worldbuilding: linguistics (Hellspark), Worldbuilding: planetary societies (Hellspark), Worldbuilding: sentient computers (Hellspark), Worldbuilding: Ste Veschke (Hellspark)

fan fiction
There are so few Hellspark stories that practically anything would be gratefully received. However, if a few prompts would be helpful:
  • Maggy is now the only legally sentient computer: what if someone challenged this, or simply found it impossible to believe? Is she mentoring Garbo? How is Geremy dealing with Garbo?
  • I'd be fascinated to see more of the planetary societies alluded to in the book, whether the homeworld of one of the survey team, a new world, or Hellspark itself.
  • The pin of high change is significant, whether symbolically or in actual power, in terms of Tocohl's maturity. What is Veschke's story?
  • More of Lassti? Bayd is now acting as the survey team's translator: does she run into any further problems dealing with the sprookjes' language? Or perhaps Tocohl (or some other Hellspark) has to cope with language-related complications elsewhere in the galaxy.

Sime~Gen - Jacqueline Lichtenberg & Jean Lorrah:
Characters: No Characters (Sime~Gen), Original Character(s) (Sime~Gen)

Worldbuilding: linguistics (Sime~Gen), Worldbuilding: pre-Channel era (Sime~Gen), Worldbuilding: Transition Era (Sime~Gen)

fan fiction, meta
What happened in the very earliest days as the Sime and Gen mutations spread? How did Sime and Gen Territories become separate? What was life like for the early Simes and Gens, long before the appearance of the channel mutation? I'm assuming, if you write fanfic, that you'll use original characters. On the other hand, from the perspective of people in later ages, this is history (if not archaeology): an excavation of ruins? School history, academic article, encyclopedia entry?

I'd also be interested in something on the evolution of Simelan and Genlan. Given the thousand-year history of the series (and comparing to the history of English over the same period!), neither would be comprehensible to anyone today. Do the Gens in Sime Territory speak the same language/dialect as those in Gen Territory; and, if not, what are the implications? Furthermore, given the spread of Gen and Sime Territories across the continent in the Dark Ages, one would expect the emergence of distinct languages in different parts of North America. How does this impact trade and diplomacy in the Householding and Tecton eras? Either meta or fanfic would suit me fine.
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