21 August 2017 @ 11:43 pm
I've got three pinch hits to send out tomorrow morning which will have a due date of the evening of 25 August. Assume sometime after 11pm EDT but I can't be exact as I'll be traveling. I'm also still looking for a pinch hitter for pinch hit. There are also still some writers who requested an extension, so if you don't have a story and your prompts don't go out tomorrow morning, don't worry.

Feel free to edit your stories between now and reveals on 28 August. Or write treats for any prompt that catches your eye.
The deadline is at 11pm EDT tonight. What time is that for me?

There is one pinch hit currently outstanding. Defaulted pinch hits since the last batch and deadline defaults will go out after deadline tonight.

Please claim via pm or email to fic.corner@gmail.com and include the ph number, recipient's AO3 user name and your AO3 user name. Please do not claim in the comments to preserve anonymity.

This pinch hits will now be due on 23 August at 11pm EDT. What time is that for me?

Pinch Hit #5: Captain Underpants Series - Dav Pilkey, Wayside School - Louis Sachar, The Phantom Tollbooth - Norton Juster )
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20 August 2017 @ 01:26 pm
Please claim via pm or email to fic.corner@gmail.com and include the ph number, recipient's AO3 user name and your AO3 user name. Please do not claim in the comments to preserve anonymity.

These pinch hits will now be due on 23 August at 11pm EDT. What time is that for me?

ETA: Pinch hit 4 has been claimed, Pinch hit 5 is still available

Pinch Hit #4: Claimed )

Pinch Hit #5: Captain Underpants Series - Dav Pilkey, Wayside School - Louis Sachar, The Phantom Tollbooth - Norton Juster )
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Have you written? Are you writing? You've got about 2.5 days to go till deadline. If you don't think you'll make it, I'd appreciate it if you defaulted soon so that I can find someone else to write for your recipient.

I've got more pinch hits to post to the mailing list after I've had breakfast. You can sign up for the pinch hit email list here. Due to the rapidly approaching deadline, if these haven't been claimed by lunchtime (assume approximately a 3 hour window), I'll be posting them here and probably on the yuletide comm. Deadline for these pinch hits will be the same as for assignments. Any pinch hits that come up later in the weekend may have a later due date.

One other bit of housekeeping...since the exchange is so small this year, I'm not going to bother opening a separate collection for treats. Please post any treats in the main collection.
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19 August 2017 @ 03:31 pm
During this year's [community profile] fkficfest I wrote a NN story called One Loss Too Many.

That storyline is now continued in the sequel One Death Too Many.

There will be a concluding third part. So stay tuned...
18 August 2017 @ 08:04 am
Like most adults, I don't get to raid often during the work week, and less and less as oncoming autumn contracts the days (raids start sunrise to sunset only, it seems). But I am making more of an effort to spend my free daily raid passes to keep my Mewtwo options open since that mechanic was announced. Even if only on a Level 1 or 2 raid by myself before work, at lunchtime, or a really quick afternoon break, whenever I'm lucky enough to have (and notice) a raid pop nearby, I check my schedule.

On one of the 3 raids I managed to complete this work week, I dared a Level 3 alone. And I did it! I met my longstanding game goal of taking down a Level 3 raid boss by myself! It was close. And it was just an Arcanine with pure fire moves (no bite, crunch, or wild charge). But still! I solo'd a Level 3 raid boss! It took 4 pokemon: my 3 leveled-up Golemns with 2 rock-type moves each, and my biggest, best Vaporean. (Obviously, wild charge would've destroyed my Vaporean.) Shiny Gyarados with hydro-pump was my anchor, in the sixth slot, but we didn't get to her.

Previously, I'd tried soloing Arcanine and Flareon bosses with ground types (which are common around here). I've concluded that the ground-type moves will never be fast enough to solo them, not at any level.

15 August 2017 @ 07:36 pm
A happy belated birthday to Ben Bass, whose birthday was yesterday, 14 August.  He has played in many TV shows, both as recurring characters and as a guest, as well as a few TV movies.  Most recently he played Sam Swarek in Rookie Blue.  In Forever Knight, he played Javier Vachon.
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There's an Articuno raid at the park nearest me right now. What's happening? Is Articuno back, or is this a glitch...?

I'd planned to post briefly this morning to share that I was so very lucky as to catch a 100% IV Zapdos yesterday! Yay! And then I was going to say that I actually hope summer legendary season will end tonight; I'm game-exhausted by these limited-time-only availabilities of the legendary birds. And then I was going to comment on the rampant Ho-Oh speculation. But...

Apparently, Mewtwo has been a raid boss at Pikachu Outbreak! People have caught Mewtwo! And clearly there's this Articuno right now, here, when we all thought that Articuno wouldn't be seen again in the game for many months, if not a year, if not ever.

Why does Niantic do these things on Mondays (work days) instead of weekends?

If all the legendaries are back in the game at high availabilities, I may perhaps feel a little ill-used or tricked for having invested time and effort in catching them while we were told they were limited-time-only. Hmmmm.

Addendum 10:56 PM: Niantic has spoken: Mewtwo and "other powerful pokémon" are coming soon to "Exclusive Raids," and all 4 legendary birds are back through the end of August. Read all about it.


For the month of July, in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

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Archive of our Own (AO3) Summary: 7 of the 782 FK stories on the AO3 show posting dates in July.

News & conversation:

13 August 2017 @ 10:21 am
I went to see Tom of Finland yesterday afternoon, at ICA. I wanted to see it because it was about a fascinating Finnish person rather than because I find the Tom of Finland aesthetic appealing. And seeing the film definitely confirmed that Touko Laaksonen was a fascinating person: struggling with his experiences during the war, eventually working in an advertising agency, drawing for himself and trying to find a way to share those drawings with others. The film jumped between various periods of his life, backwards and forwards and it was sometimes a struggle to keep my head straight, especially as there wasn't much flagging of when these events were taking place and how much time had passed in between.

I read somewhere that the producers weren't too happy that it got an 18 rating from BBFC (for "sexualised images, sex references, nudity")—they thought it was unnecessarily high. Coming out of the cinema, I thought that it was probably the images of the art that pushed it that high, and reading the more detailed summary seemed to agree. Even in terms of nudity, I'd say that's also because of the drawings, not anything that involved the characters (although it isn't clear from the BBFC summary), but perhaps I missed it, or it's the scenes in leather clubs or men in trousers that leave their buttocks bare. If it's the art, I don't really understand: while explicit, it's still obviously a fantasy, and even if you find it distasteful, it's not scary or threatening. There was a scene in the film where another character suggested, having seen one of the drawings, that having one was about as safe as having an atomic bomb, and the film-Touko vehemently disagreed: it's just a drawing, lines on paper, and it can't hurt anybody. And at best, like some of the other characters said later in the film, it can make somebody feel less alone.

The general acceptance of the art has certainly changed over time, from not having any avenues to display or publish anything in Finland to becoming well-known gay artist in the US in his lifetime to having a major exhibition of his work in a serious art gallery in Helsinki after his death to having Finlayson, one of the best-known Finnish household textiles companies, producing a line of duvet covers, aprons, oven mitts, shopping bags and the like that takes a pride of place in their shops.
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So there has been a few new things happening with the new FK movie. 

First, they have begun shooting various scenes that will show off some of their concepts, characters, and an action sequence (the fight scene at Vachon's Deadman's VooDoo Bar).  An image from the bar scene is below.  Sean Reynolds has said that these are for showing clips to get people interested in the project, and will be used when they start crowdfunding later.  Once the movie is funded, these scenes would be re-shot.  Interestingly, the bar they are using for this scene is The Buzz Inn, in Shadyside, Ohio, USA, which is only about 2 hours from me, so not that far. 

Second, Sean has starting having live videos on Facebook, where he talks about the characters, the scenes they are filming, and answers anyone's questions.  One item he did address in this morning's broadcast was why the movie is so different from the TV show - it was very difficult to get distribution rights so they could use the names, but everything had to be completely different than the show.  In addition to interviews with him, one feed was from when they were all on break during filming.  He intends to make more of these live Q&A and behind-the-scenes videos, so something to look forward to.  Right now there is no set time for the live stream, you either get there when this is occurring or not, but hopefully he will have set times in the future so people can be there to interact with him and the others.

Third, we got some more information about the supernatural world they have created.  Their universe includes not only vampires, but werewolves, ghouls, hellhounds, other demons, angels, and more.  So there are light and dark forces at work.  The character of Nick is hunting down the darker creatures so as to redeem his soul and not go to Hell.  He is not really pursuing becoming mortal, so I guess that might reduce down what Natalie will be doing.  Possibly.  It was also reinforced that the Vachon character is very different from the show's character, and is in part, a substitute for Janette, in that he is running a bar and is interacting with Nick as Nick's mentor.  He is also a very powerful vampire, able to enforce his neutral stance in his bar because, even though a vampire, can work with the lighter supernatural forces (I guess; probably need more info about the various supernatural forces going on in their universe to figure out exactly what Vachon is tapping into for that).

So that is the updates for now, Sean giving some tidbits and some info and intends to have another live stream this evening (time: ?). 

See new photos and watch the live stream on the FK Movie Facebook Page.

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09 August 2017 @ 06:13 pm
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