24 February 2015 @ 11:42 pm
For some time now, I have been thinking of adding my assorted fan art to my website. Oh, the Forever Knight icons already had a page, if only to make some sense of the huge number of them by sorting out the entire collection into sections by faction. However, I've done quite a few things on [livejournal.com profile] maryrenaultfics over the past few years, one or two here, a handful more there. Not to mention the icons I just did for the CBC of The Mask of Apollo on [community profile] renaultx.

Then, at the last minute, I remembered the pictures I did for the Church Mice story I wrote for Yuletide a year ago!

Well, those at least are "real" art, i.e. watercolours that I photographed and uploaded. The other things are mostly created by compositing and manipulating screencaps and other pictures that I've taken from here and there, with logos and textures to finish it all off. However, that's art, too, in its own way.

So there's now a section for it all. Assuming I haven't forgotten something....
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